I’m currently in a transition into a new season of life, one in which I’m learning how I want to be defined. My reputation, life experiences, dreams and unique perspective are all on the table, and in looking at all of the pieces, I’ve come to realize that there are some things I want to put more effort and focus on while also retracting from elements once thought of as personally important.

By trade, I am a graphic & web designer with 10 years of experience, and I’ve only recently decided why I love design and have been dreaming of what I hope to accomplish, not only in my professional life, but also in my personal life through it. I’ve always been a human experience centered person. I love people and I love having the opportunity to positively impact others in all areas of life: spiritually, emotionally and physically. Being an artist has come with the skill of being intuitive towards others and I’ve been learning (and hope to learn for the rest of my life) how to use my gifts and talents to encourage and better the lives of those around me. Even if only in the form of quote art I made on a post-it note for a co-worker.

Enter hand drawn lettering. I recently found a love and obsession in hand lettering and learned that it fulfills many little holes once void in my palette of creative expression. I seriously love it so much. It started with a 365 day art journal challenge in 2015 and spread like wildfire. Sketching, inking and painting letterforms has turned out to be a form of art that I’ve been able to encourage, show love to and mentor many different people in, and as a lover of people, it seems a natural fit for me.

My name is Catherine Pattengill, and I am an artist, a photographer, a graphic designer, a web designer in training and a typography lover. I’m a wife, to a totally brilliant IT guy and a mum to two totally weird cats and also a totally awesome step-daughter (who is all grown, mind you). This is my blog. My creative journey. My place to encourage and to teach.

I hope you enjoy!

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