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We can be introverted, extroverted, a little of both or be hermits! But if there is one thing that really binds us together, it’s our love of communication. Even if we choose to not communicate with others often (or at all), the things we create become pieces of visual communication. So it seems to be a natural fit for designers to establish their presence within social media channels. There are some amazing artists who utilize social media to reach audiences far outside of the town, country or continent in which they live. From cultivating relationships with other designers for the purposes of encouragement, to finding inspiration, or to reach potential clients, social media opens some amazing doors for designers. Which vehicles are best for designers? It’s really personal preference, and where the designer wishes to engage with clients, potential clients and other designers.
Anchor 13 Studio

I had the pleasure of talking with one such amazing designer who is active on a chosen set of social media channels that best aligns with her personality, and her goals as a business owner. Anna Friendt, owner of Anchor 13 Studio explains that the primary channels she uses are Facebook and Instagram.

About how much time do you spend each week on your social media marketing?
I don’t do this quite enough. At all. I’ve been aiming to be more intentional this year on IG as a personal goal. My business has thrived because of my networking in person skills as well as going above and beyond in customer service. That has always given me lots of referrals and leads for new work and clients. I’d say 1-3 hours a week on social media (including inspiration collecting on Pinterest!). Which is a significant difference than last year!

So your business is thriving more due to maybe a combo of being more present on social media and face-to-face interactions?
What social media has done for me so kind of control what kind of work I want to do more in. Which has worked! I’ve been show casing more illustration work and removed the branding, web design work I do from social. I wanted to do more art since branding and websites will always be stable through my network in the cities here. It’s been a place for me to find pleasure than gain business and it has allowed me to turn pleasure into additional business. 🙂

Also, you mentioned customer service. I am a firm believer that c.s. is really important these days, and I think sets some artists and designers apart from the rest. If it’s important to you while you’re face to face with clients and potential clients, that ethic spills over into the way you represent yourself on social media.
Yes! The way you treat people really indicates how you will treat their business.

How do you engage visitors to participate and share your content on your most used social media channels?
I’ve started to do more Instagram stories and invite my followers in on process and I’ve gotten a lot more responses than I had thought I would. And for Facebook I have done a similar thing as well; inviting my followers to feel and actually be a part of design selections for art prints. 🙂

How does this social media engagement benefit you?
The biggest benefit is that I get to have feedback, and because my largest following consists of other creatives, I get to get feedback from very inspired individuals who can bring AMAZING advice and good design critique. Those critiques and conversations with other designers are what help continue to sharpen you as well as encourage you. The second benefit would be that it does also expand my outreach and opens up new opportunities to clients I would never be able to meet or physically connect with in person. And thirdly, I’d say, it does bring a new desire in my heart to share with people more of my independent work and to get to know me more. It creates a more personal and intimate relationship with past and future clients, other creatives, and also gives my friends an insight into what my freelance life can look like. 🙂

To be honest, after talking with you, you’re really inspiring me to create, share and engage more with other artists via social media. It’s actually quite rare that I find other artists with similar passions to my own, that’s where I benefit from the tiiiiny bit I engage on social media!
I’m so glad! Yeah, it’s so important to have a sphere of individuals who share your passions. It helps champion each other on as well as sharpen each other.

How does this social media engagement benefit your audience? You kind of mentioned some points already about your clients getting to know you on a more personal level.
The benefit for my followers is, like I mentioned, they get an inside peak on my process and honestly they are the very first to see new work. So it’s kind of exclusive and the most immediate way to stay in touch! The other benefit is…since people online get the first view of new work they also get first dibs of purchasing new work!

Secondary benefits I suppose consist of encouragement as well as more details on how I create. Some of my posts I use to encourage people and the other posts I love to share glimpses of my technique and playing with new materials in hopes to inspire other creatives.

Let’s talk about it:

  • If you are a designer or artist, do you utilize social media channels to reach potential clients?
  • How about to connect with other creatives?
  • How do you feel about being transparent in your workflow and design process? Could it be beneficial to you in your line of work?

Anna is an amazing artist, and I highly encourage other designers, artists and lovers of hand drawn art to connect with her online via Facebook or her Instagram feed. She also has an Etsy store full of amazing pieces of original art!


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