The journey begins

Creativity doesn’t have to be related to art or design. Problems can be viewed from an innovative and creative perspective.

I describe myself as a creative problem-solver. I gather inspiration within all of the ways I interact with others, whether in person or in a digital space. For me, it’s all about people, and using the gifts and talents I have for a greater purpose. In graphic design, it is essential to remember what the phrase form follows function really means.

Even in my hand drawn art, I desire for my viewer to feel a certain way, to connect emotionally with the thing that I have thoughtfully created. And that must be why I am so drawn to typography and thoughtfully designed typefaces. Not only can a designer choose the words to communicate, but also the tone of voice we want the reader to read it in.

Pull it all together and this blog will be the home of all of these concepts married together. Cheers to the adventure!


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